AMAZING artwork by Yr 6 of Barlby Primary School!


I’m Emma, a writer of fiction and non-fiction for children aged 8-13.



I would like to thank you for writing this book. Having been closed for the most crucial part of the school year, we were worried about attainment. However, we have found that the children are more engaged in Literacy and Guided Reading than ever (this is mostly due to your book!). The majority of our Year group (45 children) come from a BAME background, and they are finally studying a book they can relate to personally… We are all so enjoying the book, our Literacy lead said that it is the most engaged she has seen children – ever!

Julia Cox – teacher, yr 6, Barlby Primary School, London, Sept 2020


Produced in partnership with The Royal British Legion for the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

A child evacuee, a Bletchley Park codebreaker, a rebel fighter, an Indian Army soldier… 

Each inspiring and authentic story helps to bring the end of World War Two into focus.

Every story is followed by a fact file, packed with detail on different parts of the war. 

My wonderful writer friend Jenni sent me this super cute Pablo when I first got published


The story of the first black president of South Africa.

NELSON MANDELA is known for dedicating his life to fighting for equality in South Africa and overthrowing racial segregation. He grew up hearing the elders’ stories of his ancestors fighting in the wars of resistance, and he dreamed of fighting for the freedom of his people. His childhood wish was granted when he became the first black president of South Africa, and an icon for hope, change and equality.


Oxford University Press (OUP) 10-12+ MG

I’m Amber Roberts. Just your average teenager. Life revolves around school and my best mate, Vi. Nothing too dramatic, and certainly nothing dangerous.

Amber Undercover


The fiction I write is usually contemporary and set in the ‘real world’, although I’m also passionate about examining historical periods – imagining how people would have felt and coped back then.

I’m particularly interested in unreliable narrators and exploring characters who may otherwise be perceived as ‘unlikeable’. 

Having studied Scriptwriting and being a huge film buff, I’m interested in adaptations, retellings and dual narratives. My scriptwriting background feeds into my strengths with characters and dialogue.


MG and YA fiction and non-fiction, retellings, adaptations

Short stories for adults

MA (Screenwriting)

BA (Film Studies)

Experience of (happy to be approached as a sensitivity reader for): growing up in the care system, foster homes, being mixed race (BAME), parental drug addiction, mental health

Short stories/novellas for reluctant readers – Badger Publishing